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To understand creation, justice and peace (CJP) it is essential once again to recall that they are, above all, values. They are a spirituality. CJP arises from a spirituality centred in God's plan for LIFE for all creation, and we are invited to collaborate in this project. It is nourished by discovery of the compassionate and merciful face of God in Jesus. This God is revealed in history and encountered in the reality of people and things around us. It blossoms from a desire to follow Jesus with compassion, in a world that is unjust, broken and violent. It arises from the need to discern the signs of life that the Spirit is birthing today. While this is true for Christians in general, for us as Franciscans CJP is an element and dimension of our charism. The values of CJP have been present in our Order since its beginning because they are values of the spirituality of Francis.

These values cannot simply remain on paper. They must be addressed in concrete ways in our daily lives. The task becomes more difficult in a world that is increasingly complex and violent.

Drawn from 'Guidelines for the Animation of Creation, Justice and Peace (CJP)' from the Order of Friars Minor, Rome, 2009.


Mystery of God
Heartbeat of the universe,
centre of spirited change and rebirth;
we glorify your ways:
the ways of dignity and justice,
the ways of love for all creatures,
the ways of caring for the earth.

Let us be simple in our needs,
showing compassion for our neighbour,
sharing generously what we have,
letting go our hurts and fears.

For in you we find peace,
in you we find hope,
and in you we find courage,
now and forever, Amen.

(Jenny Blood; used with permission)

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